An Arab Spring inspired voice, Raseef22 is an independent and not for profit media platform, standing at the intersection of community, identity, democracy and social justice movements. Raseef22’s editorial line adopts local values with a modern perspective, filling a cultural vacuum evident in the Arabic language media landscape. Raseef22 is building a community of readers seeking homegrown Arabic language content from around the 22 Arab countries, bringing a personal element to politics, policy, lifestyle, culture and technology, covering stories in an appealing, concise, and non-commercial framework. We consider our readers agents for change, seeking to fulfill their intellectual, creative and aesthetic desires, providing them with an incubator of ideas promoting a better quality of life, and anchoring readers in a local intellectual tradition necessary to encourage debate and the spread of knowledge. Raseef22 relies on a network of over 100 journalists from around the Arab world pitching stories to the editorial team based in several locations. This dedicated and tight-knit team has a wide range of expertise and is sensitive to needs of Arab readers across the twenty-two countries.