Yours truly, a young Arab woman: Dear Donald Trump

Monday 29 January 201801:56 pm
Dear Donald Trump, I can't possibly tell you anything that hasn't already been said to you on TV, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and every platform where people can express themselves. I just want to be part of those people, I want to be part of that platform, I want to talk to you, buddy. Because there are a few things I find funny. You've made a lot of people angry, lately a lot of people around me. As an Arab woman living in an Arab Muslim country, the HUGE news of Jerusalem hit very close to home. Home in a “shithole country”, that is. Of all your choices, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was not the most shocking or offensive to me personally. Neither was considering my home and the homes of millions to be “shithole countries”. It takes more than an executive order or a mansplained comment to piss this young Arab woman off. You see I can call my country a shithole but you truly can’t, sir. It’s maybe the same concept as the N-word: if you’re not part of the community, its perks and its struggles, keep your mouth shut about it and be glad we even want to come to your soon-to-be-shithole country. I’m not offended, I just think it’s funny. Like I think it's funny that if literally, anyone in the world pulled half of the bullshit you pull every week, they'd be fired, ridiculed, arrested, socially alienated, faster than I was when they caught me doing drugs at the office. I just really think it's funny that you've allegedly colluded with Russia, but you're literally so incredibly insane that your speeches or politics are able to overshadow what might be HUGE conspiratorial treason. I just find it funny. I just think it's funny that Bill Clinton was impeached for having an affair with an intern, while you have been elected after being accused of many HUGE sexual misconduct incidents, one of which was filmed and televised. It wasn't a scandal that broke on the job, they knew what you did and then they allowed you to be president. I got refused a visa because they did a background search on me. I am not allowed in your country for things way less criminal than things you are famous for, yet you're a president. It's just funny, I think. It's funny, you know. Funny like how your campaign was before it became real and scary. Funny like how a lot of people, real existing human beings who breathe, eat and sleep, agree with you and support you. Funny like how you pretend not to believe global warming is real. Funny as in scary, again. I just think it's funny and scary how once you were elected, I stopped applying for internships, jobs and scholarships in the United States of America. I never believed in the American Dream, because I'm not that kind of a dreamer, but I always believed there would be the opportunity of a more comfortable life for me in the US. I always thought I could go there and no one would arrest me for being an atheist or for having non-marital sex. No one would stop me from getting a perfectly healthy and safe abortion. No one would hate me for loving a person of the same gender. No one would really believe that I am a danger because of my ethnicity. Then along you came, and I realized that I was wrong, that I am not welcome over there, for the same reasons I am not welcome here and for additional ones too. I just find it scary. I mean funny. I just find it funny and scary, that nothing matters anymore. Not what you say, what you do, what you believe in, nothing. I just find it funny that you somehow validated my nihilism in a way. You are a sitting president, obviously, nothing matters. Yours truly, A young Arab woman.
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