Saudi Arabian Women Strike Back in Hwages

Sunday 8 January 201709:43 am
After a year that’s made us lose faith in humanity and human rights, a group of Saudi women are trying to lift our hopes up once again. In an attempt to make girls and women aware of their rights, 8IES production and director, Majed AlEsa, is breaking all the norms and filming Saudi women dancing, playing basketball, and bowling. According to The Huffington Post, the song is based on “an older Bedouin folk song.” As for the video, it kicks off when a group of women, wearing the traditional black niqab, hop in a car driven by a young boy. Only the women’s eyes can be seen, and as the video streams, we realize they are wearing colourful printed dresses and fluorescent shoes underneath their Abayas. “May men go extinct, they caused us psychiatric diseases!” they sing. The women hop on skateboards and scooters, and roam the streets, then play basketball. Throughout their activities, men pop up attempting to stop the ladies from doing whatever it is they’re doing. Next up, dancing! Women’s rights and good music? Count us in! The video then relocates to a meeting of what appears to be a council. Ironically, the whole board is made of men holding signs that depict crossed out women’s faces. And, leading them is none other than Donald Trump! Some say that this is a way for them to show how Trump’s bureau is going to affect women’s rights. In just three days, the video has gathered over 3 million views. Even though it caused a nation-wide debate, it has been praised by loads of users on social media.
“Yup, they said "May men go extinct". I mean what else did you expected from them, they're only surrounded by insanely misogynistic men. It's really hard for them to find sane men in a country like Saudi Arabia. The image of men in their mind is a misogynistic creature who is always ready to beat women and bomb people so there's no need to blame,” commented a user on their Youtube channel. The rest is for you to discover! Check out the video right here.
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