Discover the Strangest and Largest Parks in the Middle East

Monday 21 November 201610:53 am
Every day we hear about a new park opening in one of the cities in the Middle East. It is as if they are racing against time, as well as political, economic, and social situations, in order to distract their citizens and attract tourists by taking them on fictive journeys. The number of new parks reflects a thriving entertainment sector in the world. This sector is expected to be worth 31.8 billion dollars by 2017, and the Middle East is one of regions that are pushing this growth, especially in the Gulf states which consider these parks as central to their service sector as they become one of the primary destinations for this kind of tourism. We decided to present to you some of the biggest and strangest parks. So are you ready for some action?

The Koran Park

Located in Dubai and covering a surface of 64 hectares, this park offers a unique opportunity to explain many of the meanings of the Koran including science and medicine as well as the benefits of the plants mentioned in the holy book. These 51 plants will be spread over different gardens. They include bananas, pomegranates, watermelon, squash, black sesame, ginger and many others. There are smaller gardens as well, such the Islamic Garden, the Desert Garden, the Andalusia Garden, and the Cave of Miracles which visualizes some of the miracles mentioned in the Koran using the most advances interactive techniques.

Miracle Garden

ميراكل-جاردن2 If you are a fan of flowers, you must visit the Dubai Miracle Garden, one of the largest flower gardens in the world with more than 45 million flowers stretching over 72 thousand square meters. The flowers are presented in many strange shapes such as Burj Khalifa, the Eiffel tower, windmills, pyramids, and so on. The garden will reopen its doors for visitors on the 27th of this month after it was closed for the hot summer season. ميراكل-جاردن

Bollywood Parks

Are you a fan of Bollywood films? Do you want to get to know their secrets? Then you can come and visit this park which will open its doors this month as part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, the largest park in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. It includes three entertainment parks and a water park. بوليوود-باركس-دبيmumbai-chowk You can walk around Mumbai’s festive streets, eat in one of the many restaurants, and if you prefer rural settings and celebrations, you can enjoy adventures that are inspired by the Sholay and Dabang films offering 16 kinds of games or you can also enjoy watching Bollywood musicals and get to know what happens behind the scenes in films. بوليوود-باركس-دبيroyal-plaza

Red Sea Astrarium

It is the first park on the coast of the Jordanian town of Aqaba, and the first of its kind using green energy in an effort to reduce its environmental footprint. Red_Sea_Birds_Eye_c_Rubicon_Holding_912x608 The project stretches over 740 thousand square meters and presents in addition to the many entertainment activities and the water park, a Star Trek park inspired by the famous scifi franchise as well as a virtual reality park that takes you on a journey to explore Jordan’s cultural heritage and its future plans. The park was supposed to open in 2014 but is still under construction and there is no clear date for its actual opening.

Al Ogair tourism destination

This project might not be unique, or very strange for many, but it is the largest in Saudi Arabia both in its size and the range of activities it offers in one location. It is spread over one million square meters and is primarily addressed to citizens and inhabitants of the kingdom who are looking for entertainment. It is part of the effort of the kingdom to develop its tourism sector in order to become a main element in its economy. The project will include theme parks, a water park as well as a car racing track.

Pearl of Dubai

بيرل-أوف-دبيStatue-in-situ-01 Imagine yourself in a park, underwater. Yes it sounds crazy, but it is a project that should see the light in 2020. It is designed by the American company Reef World and is made of artificial reefs. The plan is to take visitors on an underwater journey to discover the babylonian ruins and look for a lost city, while moving among temples, and sculptures spread over 20 thousand square meters. Pearl_of_Dubai_Lost_Temple_UW-1

FIFA Underwater Studio

The same american company, reef world is working on another crazy project, this time in Qatar on the occasionof the FIFA world cup 2022. بيرل-أوف-دبيQatarUnderwaterTVBroadcastStudio_2 This will be a live broadcast studio for the championship games which will not only attract football fans, but anyone who wants to watch the games surrounded by sharks and other fish inside an artificial aquarium.

Ferrari World

Ferrari_World_Abu_Dhabi If you are a fan of speed and formula one, then the Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi is your destination. It will offer activities that revolve around speed and one of the leading car companies for fast sports cars: Ferrari. Each game will explore a story from the history of the car giant such as the Formula Rossa train, which is as fast as a formula one car: 240KM/h. Or the Flight of the Champions which is inspired by the pilot legend Francesco Baracca. Did we miss any strange park in your country? Do not hesitate to suggest it to us in the comment section so that we go and explore it too! Ferrari_World-3kartingacademy_2col
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